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"Re-examine all that you 

have been told, dismiss that

which insults your soul." 

Walt Whitman




Sheila Templeton writes in both Scots and English. She has won the McCash Scots Language Poetry Competition twice, also the Robert McLellan Poetry Competition, as well as many other poetry prizes.  Her work is published in many magazines, newspapers and anthologies. From 2010 to 2011, she was the Makar of the Federation of Writers Scotland and she is an engaging popular performer of her own work. She currently lives in Glasgow. Gaitherin is her fourth poetry collection.

Poem of the Month




In green rodden time

I wanted tae be you.

Scarted my knee

on reuch scabbit bark,

stappit my pockets

wi hard berries, prayin

you'd run oot o supplies

an need mine.


You made planes wi balsa

an gaudy coloured tissue,

wheeched a shairp propeller

makkin contact wi the wind.

I held the hint o the twine,

seely tae chitter, ice-tangled

fyle you ignored me.


Aenoo, rodden branches

hing hunnerwechted, dairk

ripened, riddy for pickin.

Saft crame flesh, nae use

for the games we played

lang syne.


An I'm ower thrang

tae help flee your plane.

Thrang rubbin bricht berries

atween my finger-eyns,

slowly staining my lips

tae silk in the munelicht


waitin for you tae land.

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